NFPA Compliant Rescue Courses

NFPA 1670 Auto Extrication Compliant Awareness and Operations Course

Course Cost: 525.00

Course Dates 2023 :

  • We only have Advanced Auto Extraction courses available at this point

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Course Overview

Students will learn how command operates on scene and the importance of scene stabilization during auto extrication. Students will be required to demonstrate in a team environment arriving on scene and completing roles assigned by command.

  • Arrival report
  • Truck placement
  • Fire safety
  • Inner/outer circle checks
  • Hot zone-warm zone-cold zone

Students will learn how to care for patients in motor vehicle collisions. Including;

  • Maintain C-spine
  • Utilizing a ked on a patient
  • Patient packaging

Students will also learn how to stabilize vehicles prior to auto extrication using cribbing, straps and struts

  • Preform 3 and 4 point crib stabilization
  • Preform stabilization of vehicle on its side
  • Preform stabilization of vehicle on roof
  • Preform stabilization of vehicle on top of another vehicle

Students will be exposed to some of the industry’s latest and most advanced auto extrication equipment from Holmatro. Students will have an opportunity to use auto extrication equipment including, cutters, spreaders and hydraulic rams.   Students will be taught auto extrication techniques to help remove the vehicle from the patient. Some of the techniques taught will include:

  • Door removal 2 doors – using hydraulics
  • Roof removal
  • Dash lift or a dash push
  • Glass removal

Students will be provided with all safety gear except for steel toe boots.  At the end of the course students receive certificates for both 1670 NFPA  Compliant Auto Extrication Awareness and Operations Level.